Hi! My name is Dion and my business is PigeonPear Graphics. 
A lifelong visual artist and obsessive creative, I have worked in countless mediums, from film and video to textiles to good old fashioned paint on canvas, but the basic elements of design have played a part in every one of my projects' creative processes. Living and working in San Francisco for the majority of my adult life, I have been surrounded by digital media in its myriad applications and variations and have found its beauty, simplicity, and the way it shapes the modern human experience endlessly inspiring.
I am the mother of a brilliant kid named Atlas who loves books and boba tea, wife to Scott Campbell, who teaches comparative world literature at San Francisco State University, and a rescuer to three wonderfully imperfect black and white cats. I operate PigeonPear Graphics from our tiny apartment on top of one of San Francisco's seven hills. The city is my home but I have also lived in Portland, Prague, Berlin, the US Virgin Islands, and even Reno. I am an avid wilderness backpacker, a seamstress, and coffee lover, and I have never had a driver's license because I just really like to walk. 
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